Our Team.

The high flyer of Laminar-Aerotec:

They love gliding and analyze every cloud. They suffer from October to March and dream of the first flight of the season from January onwards. 

Team von Laminar Aerotec.

Faces behind Laminar Aerotec

Story about BWS bug wiper

My fascination of flying: The boundless freedom and tranquility in the air is an exhilarating feeling.
Gründer W

Zimmermann, MA

CEO & Owner
Our man for business affairs
0043 1 353 91 89-11

My fascination of flying: The permanent challenge and striving to improve myself.
Gründer Andreas Lutz

DI Andreas

CEO & Owner
Our man for innovations
0043 1 353 91 89

My fascination of flying: I don't know ANY reason NOT to fly.
Dominik Maurer - Office

Maurer, BA

My fascination of flying: Seeing the perfection of nature like a free bird.
Sabine Ostermann - Marketing & PR


Marketing & PR
Our woman for creative ideas
0043 1 353 91 89-14

Together we are Laminar-Aerotec.

We support you free of charge and without obligation on the BWS bug wiper systems. And of course we are pleased to have a nice chat about flying.

If our high-flyers are not sitting in the cockpit, they will reply immediately. If they are flying at the moment we ask for patience.