Original Pirker & Storka Bug Wiper Systems

electric winch

Fast, strong and reliable: the electric winch with detachable reel.

These features convince:

  • short cleaning time of approx. 15 seconds per sash side – even at high speeds
  • Three safety features: rope tension sensor, slip clutch and automatic shutdown on overload
  • Span adjustment
  • simultaneous cleaning with both bug wipers possible
  • Various mounting plates for easy and flexible installation
  • tear-resistant Dyneema line (retrieval line)
Putzsysteme und Antriebe für Mückenputzer

Technical data

Dimension (length x width x height): 151.6 x 56.7 x 72 mm
Weight of both electric winches including accessories: 1,600 gram
Voltage: 10 – 14,5 Volt
Power consumption standby: 0 A
Current consumption during operation: unwind 2.2 A, rewind 5.5 A
Current consumption max.: 8.5 A
Fuse electric winch: 10 A
Fuse battery minimum: 15 A
Cleaning speed: approx. 1m/s at 120-180 km/h
Rope length: standard for glider up to 20 m wingspan = 12 m (excess length on request)

Best-selling motor in closed housing. Suitable for many common types of glider.

Space-saving open design for DG80x series, HpH aircraft and applications with limited space.

The smart alternative to install the electric winches instead of the oxygen cylinder.