Original Pirker & Storka Bug Wiper Systems


From wing root to wing tip: The patented joint system adapts to the profile of the glider type during the cleaning process.

At a glance:

  • a bug wiper for all types of glider
  • aerodynamic shape
  • streamlined, therefore minimum resistance
  • fiber reinforced plastics with high strength
  • no buckling and no twisting of the components
  • UV-resistant
  • double guided cleaning fialments: cleans efficiently and glides stably
  • rests against the profile above and below the wings during the cleaning process
  • fast mounting
Flexiputzer Laminar Aerotec

Scope of delivery and price

Price per set:

BWS Flexiwiper
EUR 298.- (excl. VAT)

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 piece left and 1 piece right bug wiper inclusive fialments
  • 2 pieces tilt bracket to fit the fuselage
  • installation manuals


The BWS Flexiwiper can be retrofitted to almost any glider. When ordering, you have to consider whether the retrieval line is routed above or below the wing:

Pull rope at the bottom:
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